They’re creepy, they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky.
And that’s exactly why readers love them.
Read more for a definitive (not at all empirical) list of the top 5 monsters in literature.

1. Dracula

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No surprises here! Dracula from Bram Stoker’s novel by the same name is a classic villain in literature for a reason. He’s spooky, kind of cool, and kind of sexy (in an undead sort of way). But he’s mostly just evil.
He gets first place for a couple of reasons, but primarily because of the ubiquity of his name and his influence over all subsequent generations of vampires.
Dracula is stealthy. While he’s unsettling, he’s still able to slip past the defenses of his victims. …

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The world has been plunged into a new and scary situation over the past few months (I think. What day is it?). All of us are (or should be) self-isolating apart from essential tasks in the interest of minimizing the spread of a deadly virus sweeping across the globe.

During this strange time, many people are turning to books, movies, and TV for an escape more now than ever. As someone who frequently enjoys darker stories in any form of media, I’ve often asked myself and been asked by others a simple question: “why do you like to be scared?”

Particularly now this seems like an interesting time to explore this question and possible answers. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has me on edge just like everyone else, I’m turning to scary stories for an escape even though this seems counter-intuitive. At the same time, I’ve heard several literary agents and other readers state their preference for lighter reads during this time. …

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I started my own business in September 2019. Seven months later the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. These are some of my brief reflections on how it affected how I conduct myself and my business.

  1. Almost Everything Can Be Done Remotely

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EVEN If you make a living from writing, chances are you may go through your entire career without facing any legal problems. However, there are certain legal issues regarding intellectual property that commonly arise in any creative endeavor. And depending on your writing topic, there may be other pitfalls like defamation.

  1. Plagiarism & Copyright Infringement

Don’t steal other writers’ work.

It should be as simple as that, right?

Wrong. The reason these particular legal issues are so fuzzy is because (as almost everything in law) there are exceptions to the rules.

Objectively, the safest thing to do is to never use or reference anyone else’s writing ever. However, this is simply not possible. Part of what makes writing compelling is drawing from different resources and analyzing or refuting that content. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the works of others as long as the works are properly CREDITED. …

Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who is not operating or planning to start a side hustle of some sort in addition to their full-time job. Before opening up your spare room to summer vacationers, be sure to check into these 3 major legal issues and how they can affect you.

  1. Beware of Squatting
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You’ve seen the news reports showing video of obnoxious Airbnb guests who have overstayed their welcome, eating the host’s groceries and walking around like they own the place.

Well, that could be you if you dive straight into listing your spare room without first checking local and state laws. …

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